Barton Letter Fund

The Barton Letters Fund

Help us expand our collection of artifacts from the world-famous humanitarian Clara Barton!

Two letters penned by Clara Barton herself and previously in private hands, will be added to our collection where they will be preserved, transcribed, and available to researchers and the public. Our goal is to return these letters to their original home in the space where they were written: the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum in Washington, DC.

The first letter was composed only weeks after Lincoln’s assassination, and the second letter later in 1865. From the Missing Soldiers Office, Barton writes of the layout of the Office and her living space, giving us unique insight into how it must have appeared in 1865. Barton also writes about fifteen other historical figures in these letters including doctors, generals, politicians, and even a potential romantic interest. The letters arm our researchers with new information for investigating Barton’s world.

When something like this comes along, we want to ensure that our Museum can secure them for future generations. Consider giving toward these fascinating artifacts. All funds raised will go toward the purchase, conservation, and display of the Barton Letters. You can preserve and share with the world by donating a word, paragraph, or an entire letter:

Word                                      $10

Paragraph                             $100

Letter                                     $5,000

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