School Tour Fund

Invest in the Future - Sharing the Story of Civil War Medicine with Students

Learning from our history is more important now than it's ever been. That's especially true for younger generations who will grow to shape the world of tomorrow. Here at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, we strive to inspire each visitor to reflect on the consequences of war, consider the healthcare challenges we face today, and how we have benefited from the innovations of Civil War medicine. The lessons we draw from the story of Civil War medicine we hope will inspire visiting students to work towards making a better world.

Our staff has worked diligently on newly re-written school tours focusing on kinetic learning and utilizing the Pry House Field Hospital as an outdoor classroom. There is room for explosive growth in this field, with middle school classrooms across the region looking for inquiry based experiential learning environments that we are proud to provide. Historically, we have found that once a school visits our sites, they come back year after year.

The challenge is getting them to visit that first year. To accomplish this, we need your help to eliminate the biggest impediment to school visitation: the cost of travel and transportation.

You can help. Your gift to the School Tour Fund will be applied to a new school grant fund to help sponsor the next generation on the importance and impact of Civil War medicine. We are grateful for whatever you can give. Below is what your gift can do for our children:

  • $50 – send five students to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • $150 – send fifteen students
  • $300 – send a whole classroom
  • $1000 – send an entire grade

Together we can reach the audience that needs us the most. A donation to help bring more school groups to the museum is an investment in the future.

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